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September 2005
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We're on our way to the Office Magic Practice Prosperity Retreat! Luckily, our friend and mentor Dr. Rod Kurthy is helping us out with a fantastic lesson. Read on for Rod's tips, along with the Office Magic "Overhead Slasher of the Month!"

There is No Such Thing as a Commodity
Answering the phone correctly will bring in more patients than your advertising will. Imagine there are two stores. Both carry two-inch colored plastic balls made by Ajax Company. They both carry red, blue, yellow, green, white and black. They both sell these balls for $5.00 per dozen.

Someone is looking to purchase colored plastic balls, and looks in the Yellow Pages. This person calls both of these stores. The person asks the same question of both stores on the phone: "Hi, I’m looking for plastic balls that are various colors. I need plastic balls that are about two inches in diameter. Do you carry any of these?"

Store #1 replies on the phone, "Yeah, I think we’ve got some of those. Lemme see if I can look. OK, yeah, we’ve got some."

Store #2 replies on the phone, “Oh yes! We just recently got these in, and they’re great! The colors are wonderful. We’ve got a very rich cherry red – and the yellow is a beautiful lemon-yellow. The green is very rich and has a beautiful sheen. And we’ve also got wonderful blue, white and black ones. You really should see these – I’m sure they’d be perfect for you. And believe it or not, we’re selling them for only $5.00 per dozen. We’re open until 9:00 tonight. Would you like for me to set some aside for you? My name is Shirley – please ask for me when you stop by.”

Both stores carry exactly the same product and sell it for the same price. Which store will the caller go to?

Rod has touched upon the real secret of any success. It's not about long, boring stories that no one wants to hear. It's not about expertise in your product.

Rod is the prolfic author of the 'No Coupon' Marketable Dentist and numberous other resources. He is the expert when it comes to "marketing to mom" and making your marketing credible. He is absolutely right that patients aren't looking for "students" who take CE courses; they're looking for "researchers" passionate about finding solutions to their patient's problems.

If you want to present yourself in the best light in an honest and ethical way; if you want to make yourself look like the Golden Boy or Girl Raised on Wheat ... get everything Rod offers.

Next, a word from our sponsor ... The Office Magic Overhead Slasher of the Month!

The 'No-Coupon Marketable' Dentist

Office Magic Overhead Slasher of the Month
If you’re processing claims electronically, you’d never go back. Are you using ApexEDI? We're so impressed with Apex that we've invited them to our Practice Prosperity Retreat!

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Why Pay Extra Month After Month?

We're Off ot Baltimore!
That's all for now. See you next month with more great stuff!


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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