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March 2003
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This month, help with getting your patients to follow through. But that's enough chatter...


Patients Not Following Through? Here's What You Can Do

Discussing fees and payment options is a good thing. Do it all you can. Remember, though, that having this discussion doesn't mean the patient has necessarily agreed -- or understood -- how and when payment is to be made.

Here's the missing ingredient: The patient must actually choose a specific option before an arrangement can be considered made. Then, you must repeat the chosen option back to the patient. "So, Mr. Smith, you'll be saving $45 by taking advantage of our 5% courtesy, and $855 will be due on the day your treatment begins. You can pay by cash, check or credit card. Will the payment be comfortable for you?"

Follow a consistent pattern for best results. Offer your patient your favorite and best option first. If the patient agrees, stop.

If the patient needs to hear other choices, continue on. Once all options have been described, ask your patient, "Which option would be best for you?" After the patient advises you of his or her selection, repeat it back. Then, all systems are go!

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