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May 2005
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-- How to Get Patients with Uncompleted Treatment Plans Back In
-- Move Your Practice Beyond Implementation to Execution
-- How to Get the Uncompleted Treatment Done
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How to Get Patients with Uncompleted Treatment Plans Back In
One of the most common questions our clients ask us is, "How do we get patients in for previously diagnosed but uncompleted treatment (like fillings or crowns)?" And we're going to spill the beans and reveal this "Holy Grail" of dental practice growth to you. But first, something you ought to be getting even more excited about..

Move Your Practice Beyond Implementation to Execution
We realized a long time ago that nothing gives us the insight into the inner workings of your practice than listening to your phones. Your staff greets new patients, schedules appointments, makes payment arrangements, sells dentistry, handles emergency situations, makes confirmation calls, even deals with upset patients on the phone. In short, the phones are a reflection of everything else in the entire practice. Show us the phones and we can see it all.

We've been listening to our client's phone calls for ten years. it's one of the most effective ways we create our success stories. This aspect of what we do has never been available apart from our full-service consulting programs. Until now, that is.

We're so confident that we can make make your life easier and give your team the skills they need for your breakthrough success without your leaving your office that we're making this "Successful Connections" coaching program available for a limited time to just 12 qualified practices. Get your application in now or pay a whole lot more the rest of the year through preventable patient cancellations, fumbled opportunities, and decreased cash flow!!"

Take Me to Successful Connections!

How to Get the Uncompleted Treatment Done
So what is the answer to that most common of management questions: "How do we get patients in for previously diagnosed but uncompleted treatment (like fillings or crowns)?"

The answer is:

You don't.

Get these patients in for hygiene instead. That's challenge enough. You'll see the patient face-to-face where your message will be most effective. Patients who decline treatment face-to- face are unlikely to accept treatment on the phone. Keep the patient in hygiene and if the patient doesn't want treatment now, they'll want it later. Keep patients on track and in hygiene and they'll do the treatment with you as well when they are ready. Everything will take care of itself.

Keeping your patients on track is one of many practice enhancements you'll experience in our new program, "Successful Connections." There's hardly a system in your practice that the Successful Connections coaching program won't address, make more consistent, and enhance for better results.

And one more tip. We said that the answer to this age-old question about getting patients with uncompleted treatment is a "Holy Grail" of dental practice growth. Whenever you hear the term, "Holy Grail," it's a safe bet there ain't no such thing. Practice growth, like everything else in life, isn't about magic answers. It's about execution: doing the right things and doing them right. Learn. Rinse. Repeat.

Take Me to Successful Connections!

Quote of the Month
"How about Jennifer, the 'Runaway Bride?' Here's the amazing thing - her fiancé still wants to marry her!! Talk about not taking a hint!

Hey pal, the woman pretended to be kidnapped. She rode a bus halfway across the country to get away.

Face it, she's just not that into you.

Try e-Harmony.com!"
-- Jay Leno

Hope to hear from you soon. Until next time, we remain,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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