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March 2005
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Welcome back to another message of hardhitting advice, cajoling, and insults. Grab your coffee and let's go.

Advanced Communication Techniques for Superstars
One of the more important roles, as well as one of the more challenging roles, of an excellent staff member is to serve as a gatekeeper and protector of the doctor's time. The receptionist must ask questions to ascertain the true nature of the call. Sales calls must be filtered, and some patient questions do not require speaking directly with the doctor.

The more a caller wishes to talk to the doctor, the less likely it is that the caller should speak to the doctor. The receptionist must hold her ground and repeat herself to prevent wasting the doctor's time.

Caller: "I want to talk to the doctor."
Receptionist: "Mr. Smith, I appreciate the idea that you'd like to speak to the doctor. However, the doctor is here to provide you with exceptional dentistry. I'm here to help you with any other concerns you may have."
Caller: "Are you saying I can't speak to the doctor?"
Receptionist: "As I mentioned, it is my responsiblity to handle all patient concerns, whether about financial issues or service issues. The doctor depends on me to take care of these matters so that she can devote all of her time to your dental needs."

We have been trained not to repeat ourselves, but repetition is a powerful tool. The caller who will not state his business is in fact the rude party. Find ways to vary your words in a professional manner and repeat yourself two or three times. Most people will not withstand more than one or two repetitions before complying with a request. If the caller becomes angry, empathize with the caller and repeat yourself again: "Mr. Smith, right now I know I must sound like a robot, but you know I really do need to get your question and help you with it if at all possible."

This formula of expressing empathy, and then repeating your request, is a powerful tool in any type of communication. This formula can be very effective in collecting the money due at a visit. "Mrs. Smith, I understand how you feel, but we do ask that you make this payment today."

Certain manipulative patients will look for things to complain about. Some might say "I've been waiting forever" even if they haven't. Simply reply, "I know you have, Mrs. Smith, and I really appreciate your patience." Repetition and empathy will stop manipulative patients in their tracks!

Our Office Manager in a Box Scripting System goes on to explain why no staff member should ever say, "I need to check with the doctor," and exactly what he or she should always say instead. If you don't already have the Office Manager in a Box, and you're not getting it now, do us both a favor and unsubscribe from this e-newsletter. You can't be helped.

Give my staff the confidence and authority to do their jobs

Want New Patients?
You've watched the videos from Charles Barotz and Ian Shuman; you know how to make Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures. Now you'd like more patients to rehabilitate. The mission of the DentureWearers.com site is simple: to provide helpful, informative and unbiased information to the denture wearing public.

More than a referral site, DentureWearers.com is the most informative site on the Internet for patients seeking denture information. Right now, the site has more patients looking for dentists than they have dentists to refer! And the annual fee is just $120 a year. Email Dr. Lorin Berland: drberland@dallasdentalspa.com. Sign up today!

Get Some Gems at the Bellagio
I spoke for Tom Orent's Super Seminar at the Bellagio last year. Tom's operation and the Bellagio's together bring new meaning to the term, "First Class." Any dental team can learn a seminar's worth of information just by observing what they do and how they do it at the Bellagio. And all of the speakers Tom selected kept me glued to my seat, writing notes as fast as I could.

This year, Tom has a very unusual lineup of speakers. You're guaranteed to leave with a suitcase of ideas and a team energized and fired up to implement them. Check it out and sign up while you can still get the "Earliest Registration Discount."

Not the Same Old Speakers

Come Back Tuesday for the Meatloaf
Well, that's it for this month. Thanks for coming. We couldn't do it without you. Good night everybody!


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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