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February 2005
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-- Men, Just Two Weeks Until Valentine's Day!!
-- Every Patient Can Be Your Patient
-- That's a Wrap


February is the Month of Love, and we're here to help. We'll even help you love callers right into your practice. On with the loving ...

Men, Just Two Weeks Until Valentine's Day!!
... and Office Magic has got 'ya covered. Check this site out.

They ask you some questions about the significant other, some questions about you, and you get a real romance novel in the mail -- and the story is about the two of you!!

From their home page: " ... By providing us with nearly thirty personalized details, you will receive an authentic paperback novel that features you and your lover as the hero and heroine ... A Torrid Romance novel is a unique gift so personal, so amusing and so original, that it is impossible to forget ... In her novel, she will eat pounds and pounds of chocolate but still weigh less than a doughnut and he, the hero whose thighs can bend steel, will actually understand her needs and shall never interrupt her unless it is to ask, 'How can I love you more?' ... Prepare to be adored."

I just got mine, and you'd swear it came from Borders. Why do you think they called me "The Makeout King" in high school?

At Office Magic, we're saving marriages every day!!

"Mr. Romance" says check it out!

Every Patient Can Be Your Patient
Perhaps the most common question asked by callers to your practice is, "Do you accept my insurance?" We think the best answer is neither "Yes," "No," or "We're not on any lists." Instead, begin, "That's a great question. Let me see how I can help you."

There are so many plans today that it is a real service to verify a patient's actual coverage and explain to the patient how the plan really works.Every caller can be your patient even if you are not a participating provider in the caller's plan.

You'll start seeing patients coming in who otherwise would have been lost -- and you'd never even know it. There's a lot more to it than this. So get our "Office Manager in a Box" scripting system and get all the patients you deserve.

How Many Patients Did You Chase Away Today?

That's a Wrap
If you enjoyed this newsletter, it is from Pat. If you did not enjoy this newsletter, it is from Lorraine and Ginny.

Don't forget to forward it to anyone you know who might appreciate some help in selecting a Valentine's Day gift. The "Forward email" link below makes it easy for you.

Coming next month: The very specific and contrarian technique for assertive receptionists that we promised last month.

With all our love always and forever,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny.

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