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January 2005
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-- Office Magic Has a Gift For You
-- The Only Letter With a Guarantee
-- Here's a Change You Can Make Right Now
-- Better Service, Better Dentistry, Better Income


Happy New Year! This issue, how to make this year your happiest yet. Onward.

Office Magic Has a Gift For You
Because you are our valued subscriber, and because we are beginning a New Year, we have decided to lavish you with gifts this month.

Here's a gift for you:

We're giving you permission to make changes in your practice!

If you're not making changes, patients are wondering why you're not. When you go to the bank, they've made six changes since your last visit. They probably even changed their name.

Did they ask your permission before they changed?

You can make whatever changes you want. It's your practice. And you can treat your patients better than your bank treats you by giving patients notice, explaining the benefits to them, and being there as you always are to help..

The Only Letter With a Guarantee
Will you decide to make your practice into a solo franchise, the envy of other dentists, with a committed and accountable team? Our 3-Day Practice Prosperity Retreat sold out so quickly that we ended up allowing ourselves to be talked into doing a second one. Never again -- it's too much work for us.

Do you recognize your Big Opportunity when you see it? The Retreat is already 2/3 full just from the overflow. There are only four slots left. And we've decided to give you, our loyal cybersubscribers, the first crack at them.

Click below to download the Only Letter with a Guarantee. How can a letter you get for free be guaranteed? If you are a subscriber to this e- newsletter and you read the letter and you feel that we've wasted your time, if you didn't learn anything, just email us your name and address. We'll mail you a check written to you or to your favorite charity for $50. Really.

Our sales letters contain more pearls than entire seminars of our competition! Can't wait to work with you and your team in Baltimore.

The Only Letter With a Guarantee

Here's a Change You Can Make Right Now
When deciding upon your practice's payment options, think more about which options you will not offer than about those you will. One of the biggest expenses in many practices is the money draining away in accounts receivable. If you're thinking of offering patients "in-house" financing, don't. If you're allowing these sorts of arrangements, stop. Let your patients make extended payments to a financial agency that pays you immediately and without risk of non-payment.

Give your patients notice of any change for their next appointment and emphasize the benefits to them (e.g., "We're eliminating billing to keep costs down for you. We don't want to raise our fees simply to cover billing expenses."). Raise your fees to take the best continuing education courses and give patients the service they deserve, but not to cover wasteful billing expenses! The transition into your new payment options may take a bit of extra work, but you'll reap the rewards of a happier, less stressful workplace for a lifetime.

Turn Your Car into a Rolling University

Better Service, Better Dentistry, Better Income
Our client Ron Schefdore likes to credit our Statementless System for the fact that he produces and collects $85,000 a month by himself. As much as we'd love to take the credit, we happen to know that Ron is an ingenius dental innovator with enough truly innovative practice-building ideas to fill a course. It's fair to say we've learned more from Ron than he has from us!

In fact, the beautiful Capital Dental Technology Laboratory is hosting Ron's "Step-by-Step Program to Create Better Service, Better Dentistry, Better Income" on Friday, February 4th in Naperville, Illinois. Call (888) 405-1238 to reserve your spot now. It's a small space, so beg if you have to. And if you can't get in, do call (800) 443-9935 to order Dr. Schefdore's book.

That's all for us this month, folks. We'll be back in February with a very specific and contrarian technique for assertive receptionists that you won't want to miss.


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

Last Chance to Read The Only Letter With a Guarantee

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