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December 2004
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-- How to Suggest Without Offending
-- A Christmas Gift for You
-- How to Present With Confidence
-- Happy New Year!


Last month, we promised you that this month's e-newsletter would be especially meaty, with something very specific to make you more effective. This month, we deliver.

How to Suggest Without Offending
Recommending cosmetic treatment to a patient who hasn't expressed such an interest can be awkward or even offensive. Of course, you want to tell patients about what you can do. Patients may not know what is possible today, so they cannot be expected to clamor for the advanced techniques you've recently mastered.

Manipulative or leading questions (e.g., "If you had a magic wand, how would you change your teeth?") can make both dentist and patient uncomfortable. A better approach is to make no assumptions about a patient's interest, and to get permission to present cosmetic possibilities before examining the patient's smile.

Read on. There are more tips coming. But first, a word from our sponsor.

A Christmas Gift for You
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How to Present With Confidence
Pat's brother Mike uses his registration form to ask patients directly (before he has met or examined the patient), "Would you like whiter teeth?" Phil Korpi and Scott Henricksen ask patients on their registration form, "Are there any spots or stains on your teeth that concern you?"

You can then present possible treatments confidently (e.g., "I noticed you're concerned about," "Can you tell me more about," "Did you know we can?"). Watch your cosmetic production skyrocket!

Happy New Year

2005 will be our best year ever, and yours, too. How do we know that? Find out in January.

Let There Be Peace on Earth,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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