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November 2004
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-- What Was John Wooden's Secret?
-- Give Your Patients a Gift
-- Two Out of Three Associate Relationships Fail Within the First Year
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This month, we consider what takes a practice from good to great. Can you get there? Of course you can.

What Was John Wooden's Secret?
The UCLA Bruins basketball team won an incredible ten NCAA championships in twelve years under legendary coach John Wooden. At one point, they assembled an astonishing sixty-one game winning streak!

But do you know how many years Wooden coached the Bruins before his very first NCAA Championship with them?


Jim Collins, writing in Good to Great, notes that from 1948 to 1963, Wooden labored in obscurity before winning his first championship in 1964. Year by year, Coach Wooden built the underlying foundations, developing a recruiting system, implementing a consistent philosophy, and refining the full-court-press style of play. No one paid too much attention to the quiet, soft-spoken coach and his team until - wham! - they hit breakthrough and systematically crushed every serious competitor for more than a decade.

Like the Wooden dynasty, lasting transformations from good to great follow a general pattern of buildup followed by breakthrough. Many dentists keep looking for a magic bullet, when the real magic comes from a team that executes the basics day-in and day-out. Office Magic's 3-Day Practice Prosperity Retreat is all about that methodical buildup, so when the teams go home, they're ready to hit breakthrough.

Want to attend our Retreat? You can't. It sold out days after we announced it. We've already turned away more practices than we accepted. But if you're a good match, you may qualify to have Ginny Hegarty work as your accountability partner as early as the third quarter of 2005.

Your Practice's Missing Link?

Give Your Patients a Gift
You might already give patients with dry lips some lip balm. You do that because you care. Here's a way to turn that lip balm into a memorable gift that your patients will love and carry around.

Get lip balm direct from the distributor and you'll pay half what you otherwise would. Ask for the "Hot Lip Special," and they'll imprint your practice's logo or web site! Call (888) 559-LIPS or click below.

Disclosure: This distributor sends us all the "OfficeMagic.com Lip Balm" we want!! But then, we deserve it.

Your Own Designer Lip Balm

Two Out of Three Associate Relationships Fail Within the First Year
It's true. Two out of every three associate relationships fail within the first year. It doesn't have to be that way. World-class coach Vicki McManus has a highly specialized, accelerated coaching program for new dentists.

New dentists learn quickly how they can increase their credibility and influence with staff, confront without being confrontational, and develop laser-like focus on solutions. These practical tools will turn an associate into a leader and a new dentist into "partner material."

Contact Vicki Through Her Web Site

Coming Next Month
Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Who do I look like, Nostradamus?

What we can guarantee is that next month's e-newsletter will be especially meaty, with something very specific to make you more effective. Promise.


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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