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February 2003

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We think this supports all of us: It helps your colleagues by making them aware of a source of helpful tips. It helps us by expanding the list of people we reach with our writing. And it helps you -- you get to do your friend a favor, and a valuable favor at that. And now...

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Answering the Most Difficult Questions
Patients ask us tough questions. And they ask them of all of us -- dentists, assistants, hygienists, and business team members. The good news is we don't have to have "The Answer" for every question. We just need to know how to handle tough questions.

Let's say the patient saw something negative about dentistry on "60 Minutes" or "Dateline." Now, the patient is peppering you with questions. The next time this happens -- and there will be a next time -- you'll know what not to do.

Don't debate with the patient. There's no such thing as winning an argument with a patient.

Here's a winning strategy you'll like instead:

"I heard that story, too. I'm glad you're interested. We have some more information about that. Would you mind looking it over?"

Tip for Extraordinary Meeting Planners
Want your group to rant and rave about you, the meeting planner?

Here's a way to make attendees happy and have them talking about you. Imagine attendees approaching you, finally appreciating what you do, and saying, "Wow! What a fabulous job you did organizing this great meeting. We were really comfortable and you made it easy for us to learn."

Set out small and inexpensive gadgets at each chair in the meeting room.

These doo-dads will help the attendees keep their hands busy so they can focus their minds for longer periods of time. You can get stress-relieving squeezable characters, Silly Putty, and other such knick-knacks dirt cheap from Oriental Trading (800-228-2269, www.orientaltrading.com) and other companies.

The attendees enjoy these extras during the seminar, and what's even more exciting, they get to take these prizes home to their children at the end of the day.

Attendees could never imagine all the work you put in to organizing the seminar. There's a better chance, however, that these tangible items will get a little bit of the notice you deserve.

Looking for Proven Speakers With a Fresh Message?

Plan Your Spring Break
Mr. Bill Rossi is probably the world's foremost expert in transitioning practices out of the grips of managed care. He is a top dental consultant in the state of Minnesota, an insurance hotbed.

Take in all you can from his presentation, "Peeling Off the PPOs (and Delta) -- The Transition out of Managed Care."

See Bill and other fabulous speakers like Drs. David Hornbrook and Mike Koczarski while you take a needed vacation at...

Excellence in Dentistry's 12th Annual Spring Break Seminar, March 20-22 in Destin, Florida

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