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July 2004
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Thanks for all of the replies we received to last month's Special Ronald Reagan Commemorative Issue of the Office Magic newsletter. Steve Schwartz wrote, "Although a confirmed Democrat, I thought your article on what we can learn from Reagan was a masterpiece."

Indeed, whatever our political persuasions, we can all learn from history. Ronald Reagan does not belong to Republicans anymore than John Kennedy belongs to Democrats. They and others belong to America and to history, and we will miss them. Like America itself, they were imperfect, but great.

If you didn't see "What Dentists Can Learn from Ronald Reagan," you still can by pasting


into your browser.

This month, never before shared secrets of the inner workings of Office Magic, your summer project, and more. Let's roll.

Your Summer Project
Pat recently had the honor of presenting a private workshop to the fabulous Fornetti brothers and their teams in Las Vegas. The Fornettis each practice in the same building in Iron Mountain, Michigan, but have the great idea of getting together each year for an invaluable "retreat."

Dr. John Fornetti wrote to Pat afterwards that the workshop was "flawlessly done, highly educational, meat and potato, rock solid! With your help, we've put together a very aggressive agenda. Thanks also to Lorraine for all the behind the scenes work."

Want our help putting together a practice retreat that will pay dividends the rest of your career? Call us at (800) 750-8779. But enough about us. Let me tell you what we learned in our before-the-retreat research of the Fornetti's practice.

Dr. Fornetti and his team have put together a fabulous "Welcome Book" for new patients. It is sent in the mail before the patient arrives. Here's what Dr. Fornetti says about it.

"The task can seem daunting, and it may seem counterintuitive to spend $45 on someone we haven't even met yet. But the Welcome Book does our work for us."

"The Welcome Book is designed to appeal to the kind of client we want. Our Welcome Book states that our fees are higher than the average dental office... and it shows that our service is anything but average!"

"We've tried to take all the possible concerns that people may have and created benefit statements addressing them. The unknown creates anxiety; the pictures and directions in our book are relaxing. They meet us through the pictures and bios."

"The Welcome Book helps us build relationships, and relationships build trust. But perhaps we gained the most simply from the process of writing the Welcome Book. I learned more about my office and I learned more about my team. Because of this project, our team is tighter and more focused, more singular in our vision... and we're having more fun than we ever have!"

Your summer assignment is to create a "Welcome Book" for your practice. And here's an added incentive for you to do it now beyond the dividends it will pay you over the rest of your career. Send a copy to Office Magic (see our address below) before August 15th, and we'll offer you our critique at no charge. If you have any questions for Dr. Fornetti and how he made his project happen, e-mail him at jfornetti@uplogon.com or call (906) 774-0100. Thanks, John!

Office Magic's Graphic Designer
If you like the design of any of Office Magic's learning tools like "The Office Manager in a Box," our posters, or our promotional pieces -- everything we do -- you can compliment Dodie Ziemski of Shae Graphics & Design. Dodie is so much a part of what we do that we think of her as another employee of Office Magic, though she probably considers herself the boss!

Why do we like Dodie so much? Because of her "ownership mentality" in every project she takes on for us. She doesn't just design our piece; she makes it better. She pays attention; even improves our words. Incredibly, we do most everything through e-mail without ever meeting. She makes it easy.

Here's what we like best: She takes our idea from start to finish, and she becomes responsible. She submits each project out to multiple printers for bid! We don't have time for that, and we wouldn't even know what to ask for if we did. She makes sure everything is beautiful, she makes sure we're getting the best price -- all so we don't have to. She is worth every penny we pay her and much, much more.

If you have anything you need to get printed, if you want it to be gorgeous and you don't want to overpay, if you want it to be better than what you already envision, call Dodie at (610) 518-9203, e-mail her at dodie@shaegraphics.com, or click the link below.

Tell Dodie that we will not accept any payment for the referral, but if she wants to throw in a complimentary airbrushing of our photos, we won't refuse it. Hey, who doesn't want to look their best? And tell her that if we could take back all the nice things we've said about her... we'd say them all over again!

Your Printing Project Solution

Office Magic's Travel Agent
If you book travel yourself or think you save money finding deals online, Pat has something to say to you:

"You're a fool!"

Terry Cimino of Destinations Travel was recommended to us by another dental speaker years ago. In fact, Terry has become "the" travel agent in the industry. Why? Terry gets us in and out of where we need to be, and cheap. He knows every in and every out, and thinks of creative ways that don't even occur to us.

We use Terry, and so should you. E-mail Terry at terry.cimino@destravctr.com. Tell him we will not accept any payment for the referral, but we wouldn't turn down a first-class upgrade if he insists!

Destinations Travel Center

Coming Next Month
Coming next month... all those little-known products that make your life easier that we keep promising to tell you about. This time we mean it!

Until then, keep fighting the good fight,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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