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May 2004
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-- Dr. Wahl's Latest Book is Released!
-- Spa Dentistry in the Family Practice?
-- Your Patients Will Adore You
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A special salute this Mother's Day month to all of our subscribers who are mothers or who have a mother. Tenneva Jordan said, "A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."

Dr. Wahl's Latest Book is Released!
... and it's available now at Amazon.com.

"This is certainly my most important work to date," Pat says. Lorraine calls it "insightful" and Ginny calls it "refreshing." You'll want to order multiple copies for all of your friends. See it for yourself:

The Ultimate Breakthrough in Gender Research!

Spa Dentistry in the Family Practice?
Let's hear from Dr. Wendy McCreight who, with her husband James, has created a remarkable practice or two in Colorado:

I think the best place for spa dentistry is in the family dental practice. For example, if the child has an appointment, instead of mom just sitting in the 'living room,' we offer her a paraffin dip and jewelry cleaning.

We have mom remove her jewelry and we offer to clean it in the ultrasonic -- exactly how they clean it at the jewelers. We use the jar solution from Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Target, have the client put the jewelry in the jar, tighten the lid, and set it in the ultrasonic.

I'm always sure to mention the added benefit which is that if they have a loose stone (which hasn't happened yet) we may have just helped them not lose the stone forever. What does all of this cost? Next to nothing.

The kids like "spa" dentistry even more. If the kids have to be at mom's appointment, we offer them juice, cookies, and to watch a movie in a room "right next door" to mom. We set them up with a pillow and blanket and a wide choice of movies. Of course, we always check with mom on the movie selection -- ever since James once popped in "Rambo 3!"

Your Patients Will Adore You
What is the "paraffin dip" Wendy is talking about? Just the hottest thing going on in reception rooms everywhere! Read on.

Women happily pay at the salon to dip their hands in warm wax and then wear gloves for a period of time. Men and women not only pay for this treatment at the salon but at the physical therapist as well -- it's therapy for stiff joints.

All you need to know is that patients love it and it can turn waiting time or treatment time into relaxation time. It's quick, safe, and hygienic.

Want to try it? Get the unit the salons use; the "real thing" that comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call (800) 321-6387 and ask for the TheraBathPRO Dental Spa Special, or click on the link below.

Make Your Visits Special

Coming Next Month
Next month:

Better, faster, more consistent Class II contacts. That's right, a clinical chestnut along with the usual management gems.

This month of May is not only the month we recognize mothers; we also pay tribute to the "Greatest Generation" who turned back Hitler and to all of our fallen soldiers who make our freedom possible.

We will leave you with a question:

Where in the world is there liberty today where there has not been a United States soldier?

There aren't many such places.

Until next month,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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