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April 2004
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No introduction this month. Just straight to the great stuff!

Never Give In
There's an old story about the owner of a hair salon in a small town. He watched his business dry up when a new full-service salon franchise went up across the street.

The franchise's media campaign began immediately: ads in newspapers, magazines, and billboards announced, "EVERYTHING FOR $6.00! $6.00 haircuts, $6.00 perms, $6.00 manicures, everything for $6.00." Gradually, all the small salon's customers -- the man's neighbors and friends -- began visiting the salon across the street, and the man's business sat empty.

Desperate, the man hired a consultant. "I'm finished," he told the consultant. "It's impossible for me, little me, to compete with them."

The consultant squinted her eyes at the salon across the street. "Not yet. Not just yet." With that she picked up the phone and dialed the town's only billboard company. "Yes, on top of our salon. Biig letters. The message? WE FIX $6.00 HAIRCUTS."

The lesson: Charge what you are worth, or you become worth what you charge.

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Who Invented the Term "Dental Spa?"
Who invented the term "dental spa?" None other than cosmetic guru Lorin Berland, dentist to Troy Aikman and lots of ordinary folks in Dallas. In 1998, Lorin registered the web domain, "Dallas Dental Spa," and a phenomenon was born.

Although Lorin's practice is very service-oriented with a fabulous team, he actually does not offer many truly spa-like amenities, save one. Lorin has a massage therapist on staff, hired originally when he needed a "floater."

Lorin reports that the massage therapist is a huge help when the practice is running a bit late. The next patient is very grateful to receive a massage! It also helps break up long, productive appointments. The team loves it, too! Having a massage therapist even got Lorin's Dallas Dental Spa on the local television news.

Here's Lorin: "Patients rarely complimented my injections before," he says. "Now, they think I'm the greatest. And really, any assistant can learn simple massage relaxation techniques for the dental office."

Editor's note: These simple relaxation techniques and "pressure point manipulation" are demonstrated on the fabulous DVD that Lorin is too modest to mention, "The Latest and Greatest in Cosmetic Dentistry."

Lorin sure wasn't modest when he named the DVD "The Latest and Greatest," but it really is all the title promises and more; it sets a new standard in dental cinematography. Order it today. Mention Office Magic and you won't pay the regular price; you'll pay the regular price plus tax!

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Meeting Planner Corner
Last month we described a raffle for which the atendee's raffle card must be signed by each exhibitor. Here are a few more tips for making your raffle a huge success, offered by the extraordinary Kathleen Mennillo of Sullivan-Schein.

· Use the center square on your raffle card for your logo or company name. Include a line in this square for the attendee to write his or her name. Enter the names of your vendors in the other squares. Print the cards on colored or theme paper.

· Ask each vendor to donate a prize for the raffle. People love giving gifts and being a part of your team. Prizes can range from vendor stock to a $10 Starbucks gift certificate, a color TV, anything goes! Don't forget to donate one yourself.

· Introduce the raffle in the morning. Ask your guest speaker to mention the raffle, too. Don't be shy, and remember happiness is contagious. If you're excited about the raffle the attendees will be too!

· You need at least two people to raffle off the prizes for maximum fun. Have one person draw names and the second person select the prize. This is fun and everyone loves getting something. Bring out your inner Bob Barker and have the winners "Come on Down!"

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Coming Next Month
Make your practice "cancel-proof" with even simpler ways to pamper your patients. Give them the most relaxing experience this side of Heaven!


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

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