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March 2004
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We're going to be answering more of your questions in these missives, because this newsletter is all about... you! This month, a question sent in from Daisy Wong of San Luis Obispo, California:

"The 'spa'-like atmosphere sounds like a real innovative idea, but I wonder how cost-efficient it would be for most dental practices, and whether patients are willing to pay for these added services."

Is the Dental "Spa" Concept Cost-Efficient?
If there is no difference in service, then the only difference is price. We've noticed that when how they are treated matters, people are happy to pay a premium for service.

Customers don't leave a business when the price is too high, but when the service provided is not commensurate with the fee charged.

You can take the "spa" concept as far as you like. You can capture the spa spirit even if hot seaweed wraps are not your thing! If your focus is simply upon making every patient feel like the most important person in the world, you can't go wrong!

If a hot towel is a good idea at a $40 restaurant meal, why not after a $900 root canal or crown that leaves a tired, powdery face? What do patients say? "Wow! It's like when I flew first class!"

Customer service is about exceeding expectations, not meeting them. Every dentist says he provides great service. Few do. Call one and see how you are treated. See how soon you can be seen.

If you were to call a dentist, and you asked how much they charge for a cleaning, which would be more appealing to you? "A cleaning is $45. We can see you in 6 weeks," or, "A cleaning is $75; we can see you today if you like." How much more profitable is the second example for the dental practice?

Why do women happily pay more on their hair each year than they do at the dentist? Patients cancel their dental visit so as not to miss their hair appointment. Why?

If your dental office makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world, will you leave because their fees are a bit higher than the dentist down the street? Fees make a statement. A high fee makes a positive, enticing statement. A low fee makes a negative, dimunitive statement.

There are lots of inexpensive things that can make visits more pleasant, like having movies available, lip balm, and other amenities. The best way to create a spa-like atmosphere is free. It's about a feeling; how people are treated.

True, not every patient is willing to pay for good service. Who cares? The surest route to failure in any business is trying to be all things to everyone. You'll find it very easy to compete on service because most of your competition just isn't interested in it.

This month's question to ask yourself is, "What can we add to the experience in our practice to make patients more comfortable?" Is good enough really good enough?

Coming next month: Simple Ways to Make Your Patient's Experience a Memorable One.

New Seminar Dates Added!
Office Magic is coming to San Antonio, Portland, Whittier, and Birmingham! Our promise is to "Make Your Practice Twice as Good Monday Morning!"

Read on and see why ours is...

The Only Seminar With a Full-Year Guarantee!

Meeting Planner Corner
Here's a tip for other extraordinary meeting planners from the extraordinary Kathleen Mennillo of Sullivan- Schein.

At some meetings, you'll be lucky enough to have the support of exhibitors. Attendees, through no fault of their own, are probably unaware of all the costs involved in putting on these meetings, and may not know how crucial the exhibitor support is, let alone all the new things the exhibitor has brought along that might make the attendee's work easier.

If you're looking for a way to get attendees to visit the vendor booths at your event, here's a fun, easy way to ensure it.

Have a raffle. Here's how it works. Give each attendee a piece of paper with a square representing each booth. Attendees become eligible for the raffle only after they gather a signature from a representative at each booth! Attendees love the raffle! Exhibitors love the mandated visits! You're the hero!

Coming next month: More tips from Kathleen on making your raffle a huge success.

Quote of the Month
"John Kerry's first wife was worth around $300 million and his his current wife is worth around $700 million. When John Kerry says he's going after the wealthy in this country, he's not kidding around!"
-- Jay Leno


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