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December 2003
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-- What Dentists Can Learn from Howard Dean
-- A Message from Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty
-- Why You Should Hitchhike to Vegas in February
-- Your Patient HAS the Money
-- Now, Pat's Take on Howard Dean


If our newsletter makes you think, it's done it's job. There are some big ideas in this month's issue. Read it carefully.

"Your Patient HAS the Money" could easily add $50,000 to your production this year. That's collected production, the only kind we believe in. If our free newsletter can do that for you, what might the products we charge for do for you?

What Dentists Can Learn from Howard Dean
Why has Howard Dean broken out of the pack and become the Democratic frontrunner in the presidential campaign? It's the same reason that John McCain very nearly shocked the Repulican Party in 2000.

Simply put... Howard Dean is the most authentic of the candidates. At least he seems to be. He seems to say what he means and to mean what he says. People respond to that.

Remember this if you want to be a great leader; remember this if you want to have colossal case acceptance:

People don't care very much whether or not THEY believe what you're saying. They care much, much more that YOU believe what you're saying.

If you don't think the extended payment plan is a good payment option, then neither will your patients. If you think a 5% courtesy for payment in full will not be an enticement to your patients, then it won't be. Want patients to choose the most expensive treatment plan? You had better believe it's really the best choice for the patient.

A Message from Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty
As I speak with doctors and office managers across the country who are experiencing challenges in their practices, there is generally one constant in each situation. The situation that prompted their call is not an isolated incident; it's most often a pattern that has developed over time. They've seen the signs in the past and now they are experiencing the symptoms and are in crisis.

It takes time, energy, and expertise to implement systems which can be standardized for your practice and supported by monitors and resources that arm your staff with the tools they need to be successful. These systems and monitors make your practice a happier place to be.

When I met Dr. Jeff a few years ago, he was frustrated with his new staff member Kate and was planning to let her go. He called me because accounts receivable were up, production was down, and he needed to replace Kate, an ineffective staff member. I asked to meet Kate and discovered she was equally frustrated and was planning to give her notice.

Dr. Jeff was disappointed by Kate's performance in the three months she had been with the practice due to the drop in practice productivity and profitability. Kate knew Dr. Jeff was unhappy, but she didn't know why. Working together we created a job description that outlined all of Kate's responsibilities and clearly defined success in each one of these responsibilities. With systems and goals implemented, in just a few short weeks case acceptance increased, the daily appointment schedule was productive again and time of service collections were up.

Within six months, the accounts receivable balance was at an all time low for the practice! Once trained and educated to Dr. Jeff's philosophy of practice and goals, Kate was empowered to create success for herself and for the practice. This story is proof positive that enlightened leadership and engaged staff are incredible partners. An investment in staff development is an investment in the future success of your practice.

If You See the Signs, Don't Wait for the Symptoms

Why You Should Hitchhike to Vegas in February
In a live, interactive setting, you can ask questions, get immediate answers, internalize the concepts as you brainstorm and network with like-minded success-oriented dentists. Our friend Tom Orent has put together an unprecedented event at the Bellagio, Las Vegas' Five-Star hotel.

Please. Click below and read the letter. See you at the Bellagio!

Profit Maximizer A to Z Bootkamp

Your Patient HAS the Money
How would you like a new way for patients to pay you? A way for patients to access spending money they didn't know they could spend at your office.

We're becoming a nation of eBay users. Millions of Americans have PayPal accounts with balances that grow whenever they sell one of their old attic treasures.

Next time a patient is struggling to find a way to pay, ask if they have a PayPal account. But first, you'll need one of your own.

I Need an Office PayPal Account

Now, Pat's Take On Howard Dean...
Howard Dean is too far to the left for me. He's against a U.S. military presence in the Middle East. He's against a U.S. military presence in Central America. And he's against a U.S. military presence in the Pentagon!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours from Office Magic.

Peace on Earth,

Pat and Lorraine

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