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March 2013
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We really stirred the pot last month with our message that bonus plans, over the long-term, can be counterproductive!

The Mailbag
A few representative responses from the mailbag:
- "Bonus programs work, period! Anything that puts more money in an employee's pocket will trigger better performance. Just keeping trying till you find the right one."

- "I can't win. My team loves to get the bonus, but they also want raises. The bonus is taken for granted, which defeats the purpose."

- "The bonus doesn't change anything; it just amplifies all the noise. Yes, they love when they bonus, but my team is mad at me when they don't bonus -- as if it's my fault!"

What to make of it all?

Ginny's Three Rules for Employee Engagement
1) Pay Team Members Well!
If you want to attract and retain the best team members, then first, stop settling. Get the best team members and then, you must pay them well. You can't pay people poorly and expect they will bring their A-game. Be known as the practice that pays the right people well and the cream of the crop will seek you out.

2) A bonus is a surprise.

A bonus is something in addition to what's expected. It should never become the expected. The challenge is to mix it up and keep it fun. Forget about calculators and spreadsheets. Instead, pick something to reward like a full hygiene schedule, a new ortho start, or meeting a new patient goal.

If employees really held an owner's mentality and desire to take on financial risk, they would be business owners. They aren't. Surprise them with unexpected financial rewards, a continuing education cruise or trip, dinner certificates, trips to the spa, etc., but don't mess with their paycheck from month to month!

3) Be the boss -- stop looking for magic dust and get hands-on.

If money were the answer, the solution would be simple. Stop searching for the magic dust -- there is none! Managing people is challenging, but we can make it much easier.

Here's what to do: Pay people well, hold them accountable for results and show your gratitude both publicly and privately. Keep people focused on performance and pride, not bonus schemes and calculations. Invest in training, and learn how to manage your people well. The return on this investment is huge and bottom-line success follows for all.

Talk to Ginny
If you don't have our Leadership and Accountability System, you're not really doing things the Office Magic Way. Get it today and you will also get a 20-Minute Consultation with Ginny, focused on your issues and your concerns!
You, too, can master the art of managing people ... without becoming a therapist!

Get the Leadership System and a 20 Minute Consultation!

Get the Leadership System and a 20 Minute Consultation!

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