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January 2013
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This month, something that most of us have experienced at restaurants -- a good topic to discuss with your team.

Write it down!
I hate it when a waiter tries to impress me and my family by not writing down our order. As my friend Robert Konza points out, "It's a 'stunt' that no one asked for, like, 'Hey, watch me balance a plate on my head while I take your order.'"

When the waiter does not write down the order for my family of five, I'm feeling like it's all but certain that when the order arrives, something will be wrong with it. Not a good feeling, even if I'm wrong. You know what would impress me? Writing it down. That would demonstrate that you care about getting the order right.

I know a have a superstar team member when I ask her to do something and SHE WRITES DOWN WHAT I'VE ASKED! I feel confidence then that what I want will actually get done.

Similarly, when patients tell you about symptoms they are experiencing or the reason they came in today, write it down. Patients don't like having to tell their story to multiple team members. And if you do ask the patient to repeat something, let the patient know that you've been through the notes, but you want to hear it from the source.

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