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November 2003
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I know! Every consultant says their bonus program is "the one that works." Somehow, theirs is different than all the others. And it's always the others that don't work. The perfect bonus program is the Holy Grail of dental practice management.

Most bonus programs are not simple, they're not understood, and they end up being resented and counter-productive.

Occasionally, though, we run across a bonus plan that is simple and does what it's intended to do. We've not found any plan that is right for every practice. But we have found a few that establish specific, targeted incentives without causing resentment throughout the rest of the office. Read on for one.

Free CE Courses
How would you like to take valuable courses for free, right now -- you don't even have to get up out of your seat?

The good folks at Sullivan-Schein have gathered some of the top experts in their fields to share their secrets with you. The courses are free; you pay a small fee only if you want the CE credit. Check it out.

A Bonus Plan that Works
Wahl Family Dentistry is one of the top-producing dental practices in the country. One reason is that the owner, Pat's brother Mike, likes nothing better than to roll out of bed and cut teeth all day while working in every patient and procedure he possibly can -- after his superstar staff arranges a risk-free payment arrangement, of course.

Not all of the hygienists in the practice were as excited as Mike about filling their schedules. Why should they be?

They weren't sticking around to work in patients; they weren't helping the business staff fill the schedule to the brim.

Today, all that has changed. The hygienists like nothing better than a full schedule. They're visibly upset when there is an opening! Why?

Mike now offers the hygienist a bonus of $45 each day the hygienist sees a full schedule of paying patients ($20 for a half day).

Each business staff member receives a bonus of $10 for each hygienist who sees a full schedule of paying patients (or a percentage of the $10 based upon how many hours the business staff member works). Believe me, the business staff members are asking every caller the magic questions: "Has it been 6 months since your last professional cleaning?" and "Would you like me to check the schedule for today or tomorrow?"

The assistants are also rewarded. They get $5 a day for each hygienist who sees a full schedule of paying patients. You had better believe that the assistants ask the patient in for a broken tooth, "Would you like to have your teeth professionally cleaned?" and they set up the room enthusiastically. Everyone is working together.

This bonus is understandable. It is immediate. It is highly desirable. There's no pressure; there's nothing negative or manipulative. Just a very lucrative bonus and incentive to stay busy. And Mike has noticed that when the hygienists are busy, he is, too!

Mike is the author of The Lazy Dentist in the New Millenium, which you'll find full of efficiency tips. You can reach Mike at -- where else? -- lazydds@aol.com.

Mike says this bonus has been extraordinarily effective in his practice. He thinks he knows some of the reasons why. "There's no penalty if the hygienist is not fully scheduled. And there's no incentive to schedule more than one regular full day. I don't want to work in a madhouse! It's a simple incentive to stay productive and nothing more. Everyone who plays a part shares in the success."

Turbocharge Your Hygiene Department

Meeting Planner Corner
This site has everything you might need to put on a big meeting. Okay, no site has everything you need. But this site is amazing, with everything from name tags, to custom signs, to gifts for the attendees. They'll even print the name tags for you if you want. If you're the person everyone expects to "make it happen," this site might just save the day!

The Meeting Planner's Mall

We Hate to Break on Such a High...
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