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October 2012
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-- Step-by-step, and words to say and not say.
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We're sick and tired of consultant-types who describe desirable goals as if these mere goals represent actual how-to advice. When it comes to how-to, too often their advice amounts to, "Just do it!"

At Office Magic, we stand behind our learning resources because we know they describe exactly what to do, step-by-step, and exactly the words to say to achieve your office goals in a way that keeps your patients thrilled.

Step-by-step, and words to say and not say.
"I don't want to be a robot!" That's what we sometimes hear when people tell us they "don't like scripting."

We certainly do not believe in scripting long, boring stories that no one wants to hear.

Our scripts are a few key words or a few short phrases that will make all the difference for you and for your team.

In our Statementless System, we explain that you never want to ask a patient to pay his or her "portion," or his or her "share."

These are the patients who will complain later that they "already paid their portion," and you should badger their insurance company to pay you more.

Let's call it what it is. It is an "estimated co-payment." Nothing more and nothing less. Let patients know it is only an estimate.

Has your team ever been trained in how to talk to your patients about your patients' money?

It is the most difficult subject that your team addresses every day. How the conversations go will have a tremendous impact on your case acceptance, your collections, and the entire atmosphere of your practice, even whether you the number of referrals you should be.

Magical Customer Service and the Statementless Professional Practice

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Another useful tip ready for immediate implementation.

We do and we do and we do for you folks.


Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

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