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June 2012
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If you explain something beforehand, it's a reason. If you explain something afterwards, it's an excuse. Prevent misunderstandings and get along swimmingly by discussing issues before they happen.

Your "User's Manual" for Your Employees
We all have different communication styles. And all communication styles can be effective. And when we better understand each other, we can be even more effective and work together more harmoniously.

Write a very brief explanation of how you work and how you communicate on one page and give it to every new hire. Here's an example so you can see how easy this is. Write it up and hand it out -- you'll be glad you did!

• My Style -- When we're busy, I get stressed. I am not angry.
• When to Approach Me -- Please don't bring issues to me during patient hours.
• I Value -- Continuous improvement.
• Communicating with Me -- I am very direct. Be prepared. Be direct with me.
• What I Will Not Tolerate -- Dishonesty.
• Feedback -- I don't give as much as I should.
• How to Help Me -- I tend to do things myself. Please suggest things you can take off my plate.

The Office Magic Leadership System

Testimonial of the Month
"I just finished the Leadership and Accountability System. LOVED IT!!! I am very excited about everything I've learned. Thanks for making my job better and more fun!"
-- Heidi Salman, Practice Administrator Murrayhill Pediatric Dentistry Beaverton, Oregon

The Office Magic LeadershipSystem

Coming Next Month
Next month? I don't know.

You obviously have certain expectations and I don't do well under pressure.


Pat, Ginny and Lorraine

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