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January 2012
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I spoke on Friday for the largest group dental practice in Delaware. It was an honor to be asked to speak locally. After all, an "expert" has often been defined as anyone from out-of-town with a carousel of slides! But the best part about the day is that there were no evaluation forms for me to review afterwards.

How to Know How You're Doing
Why as a speaker would I not want to read evaluations? Why would I not want to know how I did? It's quite the opposite. Of course I want to know how I did! It's just that the evaluation forms won't tell me that.

Evaluation forms usually say things like, "The room was too cold." Besides, if my talk makes some people a bit uncomfortable, isn't that the job of any good speaker? To move people from the status quo? Not everyone wants to be moved. Do they hand out evaluation forms after a Broadway show?

So how do I know how I did? And how do you know how you're doing in your dental office?
It's simple.

I look at my sales. If I sold a lot of my stuff, they liked it. More than that, they're motivated to implement something different when they get back to the office.

How do you know how you're doing? Count how many new patients you see in a month who were referred by existing patients. You know you're doing well not because you ask your patients on a survey, but because you see new patients coming in referred by other patients.

Surveys have their place and can be quite valuable. But actions speak louder than words.

The Best Internal Marketing Strategy Ever is Revealed Inside!

Coming Next Month
Something fabulous.



P.S. Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race for president to return to his former job as the guy in the picture that comes with the frame.

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