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December 2011
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You've heard that your practice should be on Facebook. Maybe you've even created a page. Today, strategic coach and marketing expert Dr. Chris Bowman of Dental Insiders Alliance (DentalInsiders.com) will tell us how to put your page to work, strengthening relationships with your existing patients and attracting new ones to boot!

The Benefit Statement
The best way to build a huge "Fan base" on Facebook is to INVOLVE and ENGAGE people instead of just posting your thoughts to them. The most effective way to do that on your custom Facebook "Fan Page" is to ask for their opinions, thoughts, reactions, and ideas. Instead of just posting facts that you think are interesting, involve everyone by asking what THEY think. What has made Facebook explode beyond 800 million users is the promise that they all can be seen and heard ... by all.

For example, use the 'Question' tab on your Facebook Page to take a poll. A good question is, "What's most important to you when you choose your dentist?" The answers will not only involve your audience members, but gain you valuable insights into what motivates them most in their decision-making process. That's HUGE!

Give people a voice on your custom Facebook Page, and watch your Fan base grow fast!

Chris has 90 more minutes of simple tips and smart strategies that will make Facebook work for your practice -- gratis. Here you go ...

More Tips and Strategies to Grow a Massive Facebook Following Quickly

Coming Next Month
Thanks, Chris! We'll see you all in 2012!


Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

P.S. The entire spring and summer line from designer Marc Jacobs was stolen on the way to a fashion show in Paris.

The thief is considered armed and fabulous.

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