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November 2011
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The magic behind our scripts and systems is that they are always about the benefits to the patient. That's why your staff likes to use them, and that's why your patients like to hear them. Today, as usual, something you can apply everywhere.

The Benefit Statement
Whatever you're asking, use a benefit statement -- the benefit to the patient or whomever you are asking.

Don't say, "Please fill out this form."

Say, "So that the doctor can you treat you properly, please fill out this form."

Whatever you're asking, first ask yourself:

"What's in it for the patient?"

Coming Next Month
Something spectacular from the brilliant Chris Bowman.


Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

P.S. I'm thinking Herman Cain doesn't get it. He brought a date to the debate.

Cain also says that he's in favor of waterboarding - as long as it is consensual.

And as if Cain's troubles couldn't get worse, today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accused Herman Cain of skimping on the pepperoni!

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