Why Should Anyone Be Your Patient?

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January 2003
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Why Should Anyone Be Your Patient?
Advertising great Max Hart recalls an argument he had with his manager, fellow legend George Dyer. Hart was skeptical at the time that an advertisement should fully explain its product or service with lots of words, thinking that a short, poster-style ad with only a few words or a slogan would be better read and attract more sales.

Dyer told Hart, "I'll bet you $10 I can write an entire newspaper page of solid type -- and you'll read every word of it... And I don't have to write a line of it to prove my point. I'll only tell you the headline:

"This Page is All About Max Hart."

People are interested in themselves. So are you. Prospective patients are not interested in you or your practice except for the benefits you can give them. Yet most dentists' ads say little more than, "This is my name. This is my address. These are all the procedures I do. And this is my phone number."

Don't worry so much about "white space" in your ad. Don't hesitate to pack your ad with the juicy benefits of being your patient. Here's your next staff meeting:

Make a list of all the reasons anyone should be your patient instead of seeing the dentist down the street. Any one of your ads should elaborate and focus on any one of these reasons.

The one message all of your communication should send is that your practice is "all about the patient!" Do this right, and you won't just build your image; you'll build your practice with new patients!

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Top 10 Reasons to Have Pat and Lorraine Speak at Your Next Meeting
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