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Never Be at the Mercy of the Job Market Again Office Magic's New "Hiring System" eBook is Guaranteed to Get You Better People, or You Pay Nothing

Office Manager in A Box

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a new employee go to lunch ... never to return?

I have.

Have you ever hired somebody ... and 3 days later, you know you made a mistake?

And have you ever had that same person still working for you three years later?

I'll never forget the first person I hired. The interview went great. Surely, I found my star. I even told her as much. My offer was very competitive, and she agreed to start on Monday.

Only thing is, she never showed up.. Ever.

Hiring good people is the hardest part of running a practice ... and it's getting harder every day. Yet, nothing has a greater impact on the QUALITY of practice you have.

Have you ever used the "mirror test" to choose from a group of job applicants? That's when you hold a mirror under the applicants nose to see if the mirror fogs. That is, to see if the applicant is breathing. "You're hired!!"

As a new dentist, I thought hiring people would be automatic. You need someone, you put an ad in, that's all there is to it. Right?

That Dog Don't Hunt.

When I realized just how clueless I was, I made an exhaustive study of everything I could find that might show me the way to hiring nirvana. Bought every book, listened to every tape, took every course. Then I tried what I learned. I got rid of what didn't work and I kept what did work.

Office Magic's new Hiring System is the streamlined result of years of study and the collective experience of some of the most successful practices in the country.

We take the guesswork out of it and give you a resource you can turn to whenever the need arises. You're way ahead of the game when you read it BEFORE you need it. Because Rule #1 is...

"Always Be Recruiting."

You should always be looking for good people. Lose the mentality that your roster is all filled up.

EVERYTHING -- complete, proven ads that have worked all over the country, an employment application, exactly how to interview and find out what you need to know - it's all in there, and it's all ready to go.

"I placed ad I found in the eBook.. And Received 100 Resumes! The Hiring System.Walks you through every step of finding the right employee for the job!"
-- Pat McConnell, DDS, Appleton, Wisconsin


"This system is fantastic. It has made our hiring process FAST and EFFICIENT -- no more wasted time!!"
-- Carol S. Rohde, DDS, Albany, Georgia


"The Hiring guide is outstanding.... useful and to the point. I highly recommend it. You've streamlined it all, and made finding the right person an EFFICIENT SYSTEM."
-- Dr. Tony Dioguardi, New Haven, Connecticut



Tell Me About Your Hiring System

Let me guess. You're like most dentists. You hire on the fly. You know ... When you're desperate and needy.

You don't have any system. You throw together an ad, then have somebody handle the calls - like she has time to take them.

You have the people who "sound good" come in for a working interview. What's the agenda for this interview? Ya got me!! And then you hire the one who seems nice.

That's not your fault. You don't know how to interview. You don't really even ask questions. Instead, you telegraph the answers you want to hear and wait for agreement.

It is hard to believe that any of these hires work out well. The fact is that many employment relationships are vacancies waiting to happen.

A business owner was once asked, "Who trains your staff to be so well-groomed, friendly, and helpful?" He replied, "Their mothers and fathers." You see, you can't motivate people. You have to hire motivated people.

After having consulted in hundreds of practices over the last ten years, one thing I can say for certain: It is impossible to overstate the importance of having the RIGHT PEOPLE. Your staff is your biggest referral source. Or they should be. Bad hires can sink your practice and you might not even know it's happening.

  • Stop paying for costly hiring mistakes.
  • Give your practice an unfair advantage over your competitors when the best people come to you.
  • "Attract a herd of thoroughbreds -- without overpaying.

"Your Hiring System is the best and I've tried just about all of them. You take the drudgery and guesswork out of hiring and actually make it fast and simple. We found our superstar. I love having this information on my hard drive whenever I need it!"
-- James R. Williams, DDS, Austin, Texas


"You can't spend too much time or effort on 'hiring smart.' The alternative is to manage tough, which is much more time consuming."
-- Gary Rogers, CEO, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream


"Absolutely fantastic! It's simple and fast, yet packed with powerfully great information! A much needed resource for any dental practice, and you can quote me on that."
-- Dr. Michael L. Curtis, Trumbull, Connecticut


"Really important stuff!! I highly suggest that every single office have it as a reference for hiring. It will pay for itself many times over."
-- Dr. Rich Madow, The Richards Report



Office Magic's Time-Saving, Stress-Busting Hiring "Funnel" System

Having to hire someone is a dreaded task. It can take a lot of time, just when you don't have any time - you're short-staffed. It's an added stress when you're already on overload. The Office Magic Time-Saving, Stress Busting "Hiring Funnel" saves you time and reduces your stress.

How does the Funnel save you time? By having applicants weed themselves out so you don't have to. The accompanying scripts get you out of wasting a minute of your time except with those candidates who may really be worth hiring. Our enticing ads and creative ideas get lots of people into the funnel - but only a few will make it all the way through the process and merit time with you.


Get the Most Out of "Help Wanted" Advertising

Making a standout ad is EASY with the Office Magic "Employment Ad Generator." We'll show you how to make your classified ad the one that people read.

You get dozens of sample classified ads - just fill in the blanks. It's like a paint-by-numbers system to create your dream team. How to make your classified ad the one that people read.

We tell you the hard truth: The best people aren't unemployed, sitting around reading the classifieds. The best people are working somewhere else, and doing a great job. These great employees are not scarce; they're abundant. We teach you to ...

"Go hunting where the ducks are."

Think you can't find a hygienist? You haven't been through our checklist of ideas that work. We'll show you how to find your hygienist ... even if you've already given up.

Thomas Edison said, "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't." Our resource is a literal gold-mine of information - it will change the way you think about your practice forever.

What they didn't teach you in dental school about interviewing applicants

  • How to figure out the real truth about a candidate.
  • Office Magic's Most Killer Interview Questions of All Time -- 101 of them.
  • Exactly how to get your message across about sensitive topics like dress codes and personal hygiene.
  • Specific interview questions for hygienists.

We'll show you how a candidate's background can predict her future. And you better bet there are commonalities among superstars.

14 Killer Reference-Checking Questions

Getting the former employer to open up when they'd rather say nothing at all.

You'll Attract Superstar Staff Like Bees to Honey ... and Never Be at the Mercy of the Job Market Again

Even if you're not hiring right now, these ideas will improve your teamwork today. Don't wait until it's too late! Like the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared." Save time and eliminate guesswork and panic.

What does it cost to hire the wrong person?

The cost of hiring and training a new employee can be tens of thousands of dollars. That's not to mention the stress of it all. It would make sense to make a small investment to make sure you hire smart.

Did you know that 67% of pateints who leave you leave because of a discourteous or uncaring staff member? A great staff member is money in the bank. A great staff member is worth a three or four mediocre ones. We all know it.

Here's a staggering statistic: Just one bad hire can cost you as much as $25,000 in wasted advertising, employee training, compensation, benefits, overtime, and downtime - not to mention missed revenue and, quite possibly, legal fees.

You'll learn:

  • 3 ways to find out if the candidate will actually show up if hired -- before they start.
  • How to pick out the "superstar needle" in the haystack of applicants ... instantly.

Haven't You Had Enough of the Emotional Roller-Coaster?

Without a System to fill your roster, running a practice can be an emotional roller-coaster ... and you can end up driving your family crazy!

Sure, you can keep fumbling around when you need to hire and throw together an ineffective ad. You can stumble through the next interview and let the candidate tell you what you want to hear ... if your ad gets any response at all.

You can keep throwing money away on the wrong people. But why put yourself through it all when you can take action today and start putting money in your pocket?

You've taken your lumps, and there's no reason you need to put up with it any more!


What Does It Cost?

The new eBook format allows us to charge less than ever in bringing you the best information. This is Office Magic's very first eBook. And you can download it right now to your computer - no waiting for a shipment to arrive. And you'll be able to plunder every hiring secret for just $177.


Hiring SystemIron-Clad Full-Year Money Back Guarantee
Give the Office Magic Hiring System a try, and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all anytime up to 12 months after you receive it, then I insist you get your money back, promptly and courteously. I personally guarantee it.
-- Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA


Every Office Magic resource is always backed by our famous Ironclad, Full-Year Money-Back Guarantee. If our advice doesn't work for you, you get your money-back. But what if it does work for you?

How Will You Feel When You've Got the Right People?

How will you feel when you're surrounded by the right people? People who take notes when given a task. People who care. People who can be relied upon. You deserve nothing less.

Don't risk "burn out" before you discover how quickly these ideas can change your life. Let us help you crack the elusive "people code" with unshakeable truths and practical insights.

As sure as the sun rises in the East, and as sure as there will always be an England, the right person can move your practice from plateau to new heights. If you want a sensational practice ..

In partnership,

Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA



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