"Embezzlement: It Won't Happen in My Practice" eBook

""What Will You Do When You Discover That $87,326.23 Is Missing?""

What will you do if you discover you've been embezzled?

Will you prosecute? Or will you stay silent because you have no proof? Whatever you do, you won't be alone... and it will be emotionally and financially traumatic.

The good news is your practice doesn't need maximum security. It needs just enough security to persuade any would-be embezzler to go work someplace else.

Embezzlement is an uncomfortable and unpleasant subject, but NOT one to ignore. You're running a business and we don't want any part of the business to be neglected due to lack of simple how-to instructions.

This Special Report, "Just Do This Stuff to Protect Against Embezzlement," is the most comprehensive and detailed report of its kind. It contains all of the specific information you need to protect your practice against embezzlement. Yet, it's incredibly concise! We get right to the heart of the matter, so you're not overwhelmed, but enlightened.

Most articles and books on this subject are full of embezzlement stories. These stories are often interesting, but they RARELY tell you specifically what you are supposed TO DO to prevent being embezzled. This Report is about just that:

What you are supposed TO DO, bullet by bullet.

No stories. At Office Magic, you pay for profits, not paper. And you don't buy wisdom by the pound!

Included is a unique one-page "Implementation Checklist" to get your own prevention system in force right away. We want every dentist to have this information, previously revealed only to our consulting clients. Just $40, and it could save you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Like all Office Magic products, it comes with a Full-Year Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

"Office Magic's new Special Report, It Won't Happen in My Practice is concise, detailed, and contains the specific information you need to protect your practice."
-- Dr. Woody Oakes, The Profitable Dentist Newsletter



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