Colossal Case Acceptance

Will one of these techniques increase your income by two,
three, or even four times?
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Dear Friend,

Even the best-run practices all too often have a "missing link" in their systems. We're talking about getting patients to move forward consistently with the treatment they need or want, and not just "Call you back ... "

You should never settle for anything less than all the success you and your practice deserve, and with our new resource, you'll never have to. In our Colossal Case Acceptance package, we lay bare for the first time ever all our secrets for getting patients scheduled for the best dentistry you have to offer.

You'll learn...

  • The most powerful secret of case acceptance.
  • How to get patients to "close" themselves -- you'll never need to!
  • How to develop your natural charisma -- and build trust.
  • Confidently present cosmetic, elective or comprehensive cases -- you'll never feel awkward or offend anyone with this simple technique.
  • Power Scheduling-is your team made up of "Appointment Makers" or "Practice Builders?" Our in-depth training is what they need to take things to the finish line.
  • The Office Magic Treatment Tracking System™ -- how to make everyone accountable for success. Empower your staff; delight your patients!

All of us dentists get ads every day about "recession-proofing" our practices. Usually the new "profit-center" is some procedure you're not comfortable with, which increases your liability, and which doesn't fit the way you built your practice. Our advice to you is to do more of what you're good at and have fun doing it! It is your uniqueness that makes your practice "competition-proof!" Maybe your next investment should be in yourself.

The Costly Truth About "I'll Get Back to You."

Have you ever felt a gnawing in the pit of your stomach; a vague frustration that the treatment you've diagnosed... is going untreated? Let's face it. If you practice in the real world, you know all too well that not many patients approach the desk to announce, "Schedule me up anytime you like. There's no place I'd rather be than in this office. I'm always available and money is no object." Often they say something like, "I'll get back to you" as they run out of your office to their next appointment.

The unpleasant reality is that most patients who say, "I'll get back to you ... " never do ... and ... it's not their fault! Because the moment a patient leaves your office without an appointment, life hits the patient in the face ... and dentistry falls to the bottom of this patient's "to-do" list.

Push this patient too hard and you'll lose him forever; do nothing and risk looking like you and your team don't care about him. With our system, you'll get it just right every time, with the famously positive and patient-friendly approach we're well known for.



Reading Our Book is Like Getting a "Ph.D." in Patient Relations.

Have you ever taken any sales training courses? Did you ever notice, if a patient trusts you, you don't need anything you learned in sales training? One thing I can tell you, if you feel like you're selling ... you are. And if you can feel it, I promise you, the patient can feel it. And that doesn't build trust. Besides, the last thing we need is for a patient to feel "sold," and then blame his new problems on us!

"You've really knocked one out of the park with this one. The phrase 'put this to use in practice tomorrow' is often used by people selling dental products of various types. It couldn't be more accurate for Colossal Case Acceptance! I literally read the book Day One and started using some of the suggestions the next day. It's concise yet loaded with so much.

Perhaps the biggest early benefit for me has been this: it's given me and my staff a means of learning to really convey what I and my office staff truly believe-that we care about our patients, that we want them to be comfortable in our office, that we care about them as people. Our thoughts now spill into words and expressions so our patients can know this also. It's a win&Mac218;win situation for all. Thanks again for all your hard work." - Tim Goodheart, DDS, Raytown, Missouri


Here's just a few of the profitable ideas, techniques, and strategies you get ...

  • Take the Case Acceptance Aptitude Test™. Know where you stand before you begin.
  • How to use high-tech presentation aids without ever losing the human connection with the patient.
  • Simple strategies make patients open and receptive before you begin. You won't have to wear yourself out trying to turn around patients who "only want what their insurance covers."
  • Lose any fear of telling patients what they need.
  • How to present comprehensive dentistry without risk of overwhelming the patient.
  • Overcome resistance-allowing your recommendations to be the "patient's idea." Ronald Reagan once said, "It's amazing what a man can accomplish when he doesn't care who gets the credit."
  • Six Magic Words make sure you always describe "What's in it for the patient?"-without ever pushing.
  • How to instill value in the best restorative materials.
  • How to show concern without being alarming.
  • How to get patients to ask you what you can do and "close" themselves.
  • A simple way to make sure your patient "owns the problem" and never feels "sold."
  • What you must ask every patient before the patient leaves the room.
  • How to prevent "buyer's remorse" after treatment and keep your patients thrilled.


"4 1/2 out of 5 Stars." -- Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, DentalTown Magazine Review


We all know dentists who have unexceptional clinical skills ... yet who have huge patient followings. These dentists know some things that you're about to master. Things like ...

  • How to develop your unique "charisma." It can be learned.
  • The right opening line for every patient.
  • How to be seen as more than a dentist-how to become your new patient's trusted partner.
  • Soothing a patient angry about your recommendations.
  • Winning children over.
  • Three Magic Words that make anyone a great conversationalist.
  • How to instantly identify and bring around phobic patients.
  • The "Top Ten Ways to Lose Rapport Instantly with Any Patient." Never make one of these mistakes again.
  • The secret to great eye contact.


The Shocking Difference One Small Change Can Make

Did you know the powerful difference that doing just one more procedure a day can make? Adding just one extraction and one bleaching case per day, for example, can decrease percentage overhead from 60% to 50% and increase net income from $170,000 to $280,000! You'll learn to do it all without hypnosis ... without manipulation ... without neuro-linguistic programming ... and without blue smoke and mirrors.

Let's face it; so much of what is taught in courses sounds good ... until, once back in the office, you find it was all just so much gobbley-gook ... or the manipulative tactics of used-car salesmen. You know our advice is real. You know we speak your language. And once in a great while, something comes along that exceeds your expectations. With this material, you'll be doing more dentistry, and you'll be doing it for patients who truly appreciate it. What could be more rewarding than doing the procedures you enjoy on patients who request it? You can keep doing things your way; only better ... You'll be amazed at the flexibility of the ideas. Bite-size chunks let anyone get started right away ... You'll see immediate results. You won't find any tired advice about reactivating old charts. Our techniques are about getting them while they're hot! Here's just a little of what you can look forward to when your package arrives ...

  • A simple question which can double your net.

  • How your staff can triple your bleaching cases with a single question.

  • Putting your registration form to work. You'll know what your patients really want before you meet them!

  • Howard Farran's "3-B" questions which will grow your cosmetic practice.

  • Draw out cosmetic concerns from patients too shy to share them.

  • The easiest way to keep the schedule full.

  • How to fill your practice with patients who already trust you.

  • How to make sure your long-time patients (the ones who already trust you!) know about the new things you offer-quickly and inexpensively.

And there's more. More than a book, the three-ring binder is jam-packed with ideas you'll find yourself using the next day in the office. Concise, proven responses take the guesswork out of answering the most common patient concerns ...

  • "I don't want x-rays."-don't let this ruin your day.
  • "I only want what my teeth cleaned. That's all I want."
  • "If I have a problem, how come it doesn't hurt?"
  • "How come my other dentist never told me?"
  • "Why does this tooth need a crown? It feels fine."
  • "Can't you just fill it?"
  • "I'm too old for this treatment."
  • "What will my insurance cover?"-there's a world of difference between how the dentist should respond, and how the business staff should respond.
  • "How long will it last?" You don't have to be Nostradamus to nail this one.

    Wouldn't you like to get your whole team behind you? We get them trained and involved. They make it all possible. And here are just a few of the new weapons your staff members will master ...

    • The real secret of service-it's not offering hot towels.
    • How to earn a referral every time.
    • How to get patients off the emergency track and onto your appointment book where they belong.
    • How you, the doctor, can get patients clamoring to come back. If your schedule is falling apart, confirmation calls are too little, too late.
    • What to do about patients overdue for hygiene visits.
    • How hygienists can get patients interested in the dentistry and confident in the dentist.
    • The question the hygienist must ask every patient after the doctor leaves the room.
    • Get rid of your overdue hygiene call list. You're not going to need it with this idea instead!

    "Colossal Case Acceptance is everything you said it would be and more! I have already read the book twice and constantly refer to it on a daily basis."
    -- Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy, Michigan



    If You're a Dentist Who Hates to Sell, Our Material is For You

    Colossal Case Acceptance is not about the "hard sell," or even about the "soft sell." It's about turning trust into loyalty. It's so much more than just a book, and it's about so much more than just case acceptance. Think of it as your practice's Personal Relations Manual. We're sure you'll agree.. each page packs a wallop!

    Don't have time to read? Wouldn't you rather put money in your pocket than watch T.V.?

    Our advice is always simple, straightforward and quick. But it works. Do it right and we guarantee your highest net ever. We will not just tell you about our success story. Rather, we will introduce you to your own.

    The more advanced you get the more advanced it gets. Each time you return to this resource, you'll pick up something new. Here's a sample of some of the results-oriented information you'll be able to put to use immediately ...

    • Hallmarks of Service Checklist-a fun project that gets each team member on board and committed to the next level of excellence.
    • The Office Magic Ten-Step Hygiene Checklist-ready for posting! It simplifies the hygiene visit and ensures that what needs to get done gets done every visit.
    • The Simple Treatment Tracking System™ - Never find yourself wondering again, "Whatever happened to Mrs. Jones?"

    It Gets Better Still ... If You Act Now.

    You also get a FREE BONUS web special, a beautiful, full-color laminated poster: "21 Ways to Colossal Case Acceptance Today!" We all know that ideas don't matter; implementation does. Hang the poster in your back office for you and your team to see every day... and watch the magic happen!

    All this for just $277.

    You get the book and the FREE POSTER, too! You also get our Famous Ironclad Full-Year Money-Back Guarantee... If you're not thrilled with your purchase for any reason at all, at any time up to a full year after you make your purchase, then we insist your return the material for a prompt and courteous refund. You also get our legendary support... We care about your success, and we're always around to answer any question of you or your staff.

    Extra Special Web Bonus

    Order online now and we'll also include the "UP Your Case Acceptance!" Audio CD Set. On these two CDs, Lorraine and I answer your questions about what you can do right now to get more patients moving forward with their treatment. This CD set will get your team buzzing and excited!

    "Pat and Lorraine, Colossal Case Acceptance is making our dental office more profitable than ever. I especially like your ideas on growing the practice and increasing referrals. Our increase in practice profitability is directly tied to more case acceptance and relying less on dental insurance. Your high quality, high integrity approach really helps patients see the best options for their dental care. With the verbal skills you teach, we are confident that our increased gross production, profitability and cash flow will set records for us in the coming year."
    - William B. Williams, DMD, FAGD, Suwanee Dental Care, Suwanee, Georgia


    You'll get the book, the FREE POSTER, and the 2 CDs, too! Don't wait one more minute. Call (800) 750-8779.

    If you're already good at what you do, you'll want to know everything out there that might make you even better. After you discover the secrets we describe, you will be on your way to practice greatness very few dentists ever achieve. We're talking about plant-your-flag-atop-Kilimanjaro greatness here, the kind of magnetic practice that attracts staff as well as patients.

    What you'll be reading is exhaustively researched and unadulterated "persuasion nitroglycerine." Of course, if all of your patients already do exactly what you recommend when you recommend it ... or if you'd simply prefer not know the "secret triggers" that make patients respond ... then our guide is not for you.

    If, on the other hand, you would very much like to discover every secret you always wanted to know about pushing patient's "hot buttons ... " and every secret patients wish dentists knew about what they really wanted, then please accept our risk-free invitation.

    You have nothing to lose and a lifetime treasury of ideas for a more satisfying, profitable and fulfilling practice to gain. Get ready to experience the type of practice you've dreamed about and deserve.

    In partnership,

    Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA

    P.S. Seeing is believing, and I'm betting that once you get your hands on this three-ring binder, you wouldn't cough it up to a team of all-pro linebackers! With our full-year money-back guarantee, you can test-drive our recommendations and make sure they work for you. Get your order in now to get your incredible free bonus poster, sure to energize your whole office!

    "The Most Important Book on Practice Success Since Earl Estep's The Obvious Secret"



    "This resource takes you start-to-finish and from A to Z in getting patients from the first phone call to "How soon can I get this done?" In this amazing package, you'll find all of the breakthrough persuasion concepts boiled down into the essence of simplicity, and packaged beautifully. With these systems and powerful techniques, you'll empower your staff and delight your patients."
    - Dr. Woody Oakes, The Profitable Dentist Newsletter

    "Our practice is having more fun and play, while achieving remarkable improvements in productivity, employee engagement, patient satisfaction, and profit. "
    - Lawrence Kaplan, DDS, Totowa, NJ